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The Beloved
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Thursday, October 2nd, 2008
5:56 pm
Call for Submissions: Oh, my Beloved - A Devotional for Frigga, Queen of Asgard
As some of you may be aware, over the last year, two years, there have been a fantastic outpouring of devotional works dedicated to the gods. It's a vivid look at our living faith and frankly exciting to see how others are living god-centered lives and walking their paths. In this vein, I'm reaching out to the entire religious community for any and all who are walking with Frigga.

I will be compiling a devotional anthology dedicated to the All-Mother, due out May 10, 2009: Mother's Day, to be self-published through Lulu.com. To that end, I would love to hear from anyone who works with Her. I'm looking for prayers, essays, poems, rituals, tales of your personal experiences with Her, art, recipes, meditations, photographs of altars (300 dpi please), or anything else you feel fitting for this collection. Articles concerning other gods with whom Frigga is linked -- Odin, Baldr, Her Handmaidens -- should be primarily focused upon Frigga and/or their connections, rather than individually-focused pieces. All being well, it is my hope to compile a more Handmaiden-focused devotional in the future, but this one is just for Frigga.

A large portion of this work will be my own, but I truly would love to have a great diversity of voices represented in the book, to better honour Her. I will also, likely, be soliciting permission from people whose work on Frigga I have already found on the internet, so if I email you about this rather than the other way around... don't be shocked. ;)

Your practice doesn't need to be primarily focused on Frigga for you to contribute, anyone who has worked with and loves Her is very welcome to submit articles. Lore references (such as they exist) are fine, so is UPG. However, in the spirit of hospitality and openness to all (very Friggan values ;) ) please keep all contributions positive -- no hate or bigotry please, regardless of its flavour. I reserve the right to reject submissions that I don't feel are appropriate or fit the tone of the book, and please, do not take this as a personal offence.

Send inquiries and contributions to friggasfemme AT gmail dot com. Subject line, FRIGGA DEVOTIONAL so I can keep my email organised, please!

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 14 February 2009!

When submitting:
Please send the article in the form of a .doc or a .rtf attachment for ease of formatting. Include a brief bio (5 sentences tops) to go with your writer's credit, as well as the name you would like to be published under, your legal name and a contact email address. Release forms will be sent by email to be printed off and returned, and you will, of course, retain all rights to your work.

Unfortunately will be no monetary compensation, and I don't know if I will be able to provide contributor copies. WIN House, an Ongoing Project Of Edmonton Women's Shelter Ltd., will receive a financial contribution from every copy sold.

Please feel free to repost this CFS anywhere you think it could garner interest! :) And I hope this post isn't out of line for the community.
Friday, August 1st, 2008
12:09 pm
Because I'm compiling a larger-than-anticipated altar space for Frigga & the handmaidens, I'm looking for images...

What pictures do you have on your altars? As LJ icons? Illustrations of Her and the handmaidens, symbols, animals? What makes you think of Frigga?

Any thoughts are very much appreciated. :)
Thursday, April 24th, 2008
3:28 am
Question for Frigga Followers
I haven't seen it addressed in most writeups on Frigga that I've found (Except the one in Our Troth, which describes her enthusiastically as a goddess of business and the internet), so I may be alone in this perception.

Do any other followers of Frigga find her to be the goddess of (for lack of a less buzzwordish term) Web 2.0? I mean blogging, journaling, microblogging (Twitter et al), social networks that list your friends and let the world see your personal connections, media-sharing, virtual flea markets, online encyclopedias that are edited by the readers, phones designed so that you don't have to be away from these services for a moment, web browsers with social apps built in so that you can twitter in the sidebar without having to turn away from commenting on your friend's post while you link them on your own blog (in a post you are writing the lowerbar) with just the right picture (which you are browsing for in your Flickr account in the media bar on the top)--it's all about communicating with other people, sharing your creations, and building a strong community of allies. The whole interactive Internet explosion just screams that Frigga's gone modern (and mobile) in a big way.

It may just be how I see it. But I feel more in tune with this goddess when I'm logged onto the internet than any other time. I run a linkblog that joins a huge fan community together, and it's very sociopolitical. So the posts I link get reactions. I get to watch as my links set off interactions and insights and strengthen the bonds between likeminded people. Even the fights build a sense of community, because there's a core group of people who share beliefs on each side, and as the two sides react to each other the connections between the groups strengthen and solidify, and some of the most incredible posts result. And teams and friendships form, it's amazing to watch. I met my current best friend through the comments section of someone else's blog. I'm very active on the interenet, and if I'm at home and not asleep I'm either reading or writing something online.

But communities based around Frigga tend to be pretty quiet. And communities not based around her tend not to discuss her very often. It makes me wonder if this insight is just me projecting onto her. So I suppose I'm asking if things here are quiet because everyone but me is a quiet reflective person, or if other people get the same impression of connection only in person and not online, or if everyone is so wired they can't muster the time for communities like this.
Sunday, May 13th, 2007
3:45 pm
Call for submissions: Frigga devotional
[crossposted to a few communities]

This seems to be in the air, lately, as a number of my friends are now writing and/or compiling devotionals to various Gods. I first got the idea of doing a Frigga devotional a couple of months ago, but the prospect of writing one myself, while trying to finish the sequel to my Odin devotional as well as begin another project I have in mind, was daunting to say the least. I had never considered soliciting contributions from others as well until I saw other people doing the same thing for the devotionals they're working on--so, to those of you who gave me this idea, thanks! :)

Anyway, I know there are lots of you out there who love Frigga, even if you aren't solely or primarily Hers. I'm looking for poetry, prayers, short stories, essays, meditations--basically, anything you'd like to submit in Her honor that you'd be comfortable sharing with the public at large. :) If you have questions about whether or not something would be acceptable, ask me. Oh, and for the couple of artists on my flist, an original work of art I could use for the cover would most definitely be a welcomed contribution!

Note: for those of you who honor Frija as opposed to, or in additon to, Frigga (and I tend to lean more that way myself, incidentally--but I'm making this a Frigga devotional because it's as Frigga that She is most widely known), I'd love to receive material on Her as well. However, I'd like to minimize stuff on the various Frigga-associated Asynjur aka Handmaidens for this one and keep the emphasis on Frigga Herself, since some very fine works about the Handmaidens have been published already.

I will probably be self-publishing this myself through Lulu, as with my Odin devotional. I want to give this a long enough deadline so people (including me!) will have time to come up with some really quality contributions, and also because I have a couple of other projects to work on as well, so shall we say...September 30th? I am also open to extending that an additional month if needed, though sooner is better, of course!

Anyway, please send any and all contributions to me via wodandis at yahoo dot com. Unfortunately I can't promise everyone a contributor's copy, my finances being what they are, though I will certainly do whatever early sales permit. And bylines will appear alongside your contributions in the finished work, needless to say!
Wednesday, February 21st, 2007
9:06 am
Recurring dream

For a few months now I have been having the same dream. I thought I had figured out the dreams meaning a few weeks ago. I believe it was alluding to the bonds between myself and my family not being broken even if they are a garbled mess. (we wrote disfunction 101) Anyway here is the dream. What do you think?

I'm in a beautiful white forest surrounded by birch trees. Everything has a dreamy glow to it. As I walk through the tree (which are just spaced enough to fit through) I start to notice women amongst the trees. One is young and butchering some kind of meat (not in a gross scary way just kind of out of place) another is spinning, another looks like a pilgrim who is tatting, another 50's woman knitting, another timeless young woman cooking, and so and so on. Women of all ages, shapes and times doing every  imaginable thing women do. As I'm walking through I keeping hearing voices whispering "All Heimdal's Children". It sounds like multiple people reading an opening line to a book.
After walking for a bit I come to a small clearing. There is a woman standing near a ring of stones. She beckons me to the edge of the ring across from her. She is wearing a white under dress and that is all. Her hair is long and strawberry blonde. She is incredibly quite and calm. She just smiles at me and point down into the ring. I look down and realize that it is more then a ring it's a well. I ask her "who are all of these women?" She answers without speaking "They are you and you are them" At that moment a very small girl of maybe 4 takes my hand. For a moment I think she may be Naani my youngest daughter. But then I realize she's different yet the same. She is Naani's great granddaughter. (even more interesting as we were told there will be no children for Naani due to kidney issues). The pulls my hand to signal she wants to show me something. So I follow this miracle child through the trees to another clearing. There sits a woman at a loom seemingly weaving. At closer inspection I see she is not weaving a new fabric but trying to repair a severely frayed and worn tapers try. At the moment I see the tapestry I feel my chest collapse. Like someone has just ripped my heart out. I can't breath and I am filled with despair.
At that very moment the little girl lets go of my hand and lifts the thread from the knotted mess and says "But it's not broken! A good weaver can fix this. See it's not broken. It can be fixed" And I suddenly feel peaceful at which time I wake up.

Ok so what do you think?

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007
10:40 am
Poem: Refuge
Weary, I come to Your Hall,
to Your hearth; Your handmaids
twelve in attendance to offer
welcome, each in her own fashion
and You: You spin me a bower
of clouds for my tired head
and speak to me in my dreams

-- 06 Feb. 2007
Monday, February 5th, 2007
6:42 pm
I recently found this community and given my connection to Frigga, I felt moved to share something I've written with you. I hope this is not unwelcome.


empty of words, I find myself in Her presence
to learn of the strength inherent in silence

all-seeing mother, you never speak of what's to come
and you know the futility of resisting wyrd:
grant me the serenity to walk the path before me,
fully embracing the knowledge that all is transitory,
fully embracing my ignorance of what is to come --
for no one should know their own wyrd
lest they bring it about by raging against it

mother-aesir, Odhinn's wife: teach me
the full strength of womanhood and
the roles I must play out in the ongoing
saga of my life -- Baldur's mother, guide me
when I must take a stand against what I know
in my heart to be unjust and grant me
acceptance and serenity in the face of
the failures that must come my way as
the wheel turns around us

all-seeing mother, seeress, Your sight
pierces the veils of time, season, place,
even the flesh of my heart: show me myself
as I am truly, and as I have the potential
to become -- aid me in becoming
empty of words, but full of understanding
Tuesday, October 24th, 2006
4:45 pm
Another Frigg Book!
I just came across this today. I have not read it so I can not speak too much about. But I did see that the autor has a yahoo group and a webpage about it.

The Spindle Hearth: A Sourcebook for Goddess-Centered Living
(this title could be better as it is from what I read all about Frigg and her 12 maidens and relates them to the cycle of the year)Here is the like to the autors webpage.

8:59 am
Book Review..
I was given a hint to post a book review here. I am not much of a writer but I’ll try to give you all a brief summary. I have been reading and using Alice Karlsdottir’s book - Magic of the Norse Goddesses: Methology Ritual Tranceworking. It is completely about the goddess Frigg and her handmaidens. She goes into what can be proven by research and also her own personal work. It has lots of great information about them as well as how to work with trace states at a very basic level. She also talks about rituals you may want to try when working with the goddess(es). I cannot recommend this book highly enough and as far as I know you can only purchase it thru the Rune-Gild. Here is the link:


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Friday, October 20th, 2006
9:40 am
Has anyone here worked with Saga?

How do you view Frigga's handmaidens in general--as distinct Goddesses or as aspects of Frigga?
Thursday, December 29th, 2005
6:47 pm
Hail and Frith to all
my name is misty_hall i am one of Frigga's Oath maiden and Gythia of the kindred of the nine worlds of Phila Pa
To Understande my Oath to lady of the mistyhall is This

Frigga's Devotional

Frigg,Migthy Mother.
Lady of Fensalir.
Queen of Heaven and Earth
Wife of the Grim one
Mother of the Bright one
Mother of the Dark one
Falcon Coat, wearer
Fling though the Nine worlds
teach me your spells
Magic Mirror,Dripping Dew
Seeresse of the Past, The Present and whatis to come.
Guide Me though my third sight.
Daugthter of Fjorgynn, Lady of the Garden.
Healer of Lyfjaberg, strength my healing hand and My
healing mind.
From the high seat of Hlidskjalf surrounded by your
trusted Hand maids.
Guide me in all my Magic workings.
Asadire, Asadire, Asadire I am devoted to you.
Your Name and your magic is my life's work
I am Raven Call and I am your Maiden
I am your Gythia I am your Urban Seiderkone.
Hail Frigga
Hail Fjorgynn

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Saturday, July 30th, 2005
9:46 am
Yeah, I know it's probably not really required, but an intro seems polite. :)

Abhasana: a-bha-sa-na; Sanskrit 1) Silent; not speaking 2) a fulltrui Lokean with an LJ addiction and weakness for yarn, herbs, and Hello Kitty</i>

I'm here because I love Frigga. She's been supportive, kind, and generous, helping me out in ways I never expected and didn't always feel I deserved. Her wisdom and sympathy have gotten me through some very hard times, and though I can't claim to feel close to her, she has a very special place in my heart. She also taught me to use a drop spindle, which has given me hours of pleasure. I'm a knitting addict besides, so the prospect of making my own yarn has a special appeal.

I've also had the pleasure of meeting Eir a few times. While she and I aren't on the friendly terms that Frigga and I are, she has been amazingly helpful. I know her as Healer and I must say, she's very good at her job. :)

I'm really glad to have found this community, and I look forward to sharing with others, and learning more about these nifty goddesses.

I guess that's it. :)
Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
2:29 am
Four Paths to Fensalir
I'm not sure why I'm posting it here instead of to the mailing list.... I guess I just think of it as an LJ kind of thing...

I went to Ikea with chiendarrendor this weekend, and while I was there I picked up a dozen of those little pale blue tea light holders like wolfs_daugher has for the Handmaidens. I don't really have room on my Aesir altar for a full-scale symbol for each Lady. I've had my cards splayed out to represent Them, but I consider that a placeholder.

I decided to paint each of their names on the little candle holders, so that I would have the option of lighting candles to specific Handmaidens without forgetting who was who. I was explaining to mirgar who they each were when I found myself placing the candle holders in appropriate places relative to the center. Ultimately, I settled on 4 groups of three, at least as a good mnemonic, if not a course of study:

North - The Path to Home: Hlin who gards the perimeter, Gna who communicates with outsiders, Syn who stands at the threshold.

South - The Path to Happiness: Eir who teaches us how to live, Gefion who teaches us how to recieve, and Snotra who teaches us how to behave.

East - The Path to Knowledge: Saga who tells tales, Fulla who gards secrets, Vor who sees all.

West - The Path to Love: Siofn who creates affection, Lofn who gives permission, Var who hears our vows.

What do you think?


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Monday, June 20th, 2005
10:37 am
The Spindle and the Well
A wonderful essay by Thorskegga Thorn.

"Fairy tales are a much ignored source of heathen lore which is a shame because much of Frigg's worship survives in this form. The folk names for plants and star constellations and stories such as The Gift of Flax tell us as much about the goddess as the Eddas do."

Indeed, I believe fairy tales reveal more of Frigg than the "high lore." In general I find fairy tales to be much more female-centered, possibly because they were passed down through the oral tradition by women and were often told while performing "female" tasks such as spinning.

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004
1:59 pm
Poem for Eir
Mostly to get the ball rolling, because I don't see any posts.

This is a poem I wrote for Eir when Fensalir last went over the Handmaidens:

A lesson in herbs from my MotherCollapse )


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